Tons of fun for all adventurers.

Visit the new BERG & TAL ADVENTURE RESORT at the heart of Lüneburg Heath.

Are you an adventurous sort on the lookout for new, exciting experiences and attractions?
Then let us offer you a very warm welcome to BERG & TAL ADVENTURE RESORT in Bispingen!

What you’ve perhaps known as the Snow Dome up to now is a fascinating adventure theme world, where on 365 days a year you’ll find food, fun, action and lots, lots more. And not only for winter sports fans. Whether you’re young or young at heart, wild or laid back – come and find out what we’ve got to offer!

You’ll find us right by the A7 – take the Bispingen exit.

Outdoor skiing?
That’s so last season.

We prefer year-round winter-sports fun in our giant arena: Skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing.

To the slopes!

The great downhill thrill.

When you get right down to it, fun sports on our glacier are hard to beat.

Up for a top-notch winter-sports’ experience? Even in summer? Then our Snow Dome is just the thing for you. On our giant “Heidegletscher” – or heath glacier – you can chase the thrills to your heart’s content on skis, snowboard or toboggan. Whether you’re a curious beginner or an ambitious professional, a casual guest or a seasoned annual-ticket-holder – there’s fun here for everyone. While some are getting their kicks out of the kickers in the fun park, others are over the moon as they achieve their first turns in one of our courses. Winter sports indoors? Sounds completely nuts, but if you haven’t tried it yet you’re missing out.

Ski school

For big and small

Here at our Snow Dome, you can learn perfect skiing and snowboarding like nowhere else in the world. 365 days a year there are top snow conditions, the best instructors for every discipline, and a ton of fun. And the best thing: If you take a course with us, you’ll be ready to hit the big slopes right away when you get to the Alps.

Rental & service

Equipment rental or repair – no problem!

If you’re on a spontaneous visit to our winter wonderland and don’t have your own equipment, or if you simply want to leave yours at home, our ski and snowboard rental service will help get you started. Choose everything from helmet to board from our top equipment. And of course we also check, maintain and repair your own equipment.

Special offers

For families, groups and more.

The Snow Dome has a soft spot for passionate sportspeople. Our fair prices give you a great deal for your money. From small families to large groups, from beginners to professionals – we have special offers for everyone. And on top of that we’ve always got a deal or two up our sleeves – just ask!

There’s life out here waiting to be lived.

…play, let off steam and much more

Come and play to your heart’s content.

In our outdoor adventure park with climbing wall, playgrounds, bouncy castles, beach volleyball, basketball, half-pipe and lots more.

When you feel like a good play, there’s nothing as thrilling as a visit to our outdoor adventure park. Here, everyone’s allowed to be a kid, letting off steam in the way that suits you. Some really dig a game of beach volleyball; others go for the net advantage on the basketball court; little ones shake off their long-journey blues at our modern playground. And because it’s important to stay refreshed, there’s a beer garden right next door. Not to mention our mini-railway for an extra round of fun.

Still curious?
Need more information?

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Open 365 days a year!

Ski arena

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Lower Saxony, except summer vacation

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