Cabin experience that will have you sleeping like a log.

Overnight stays in the quaint atmosphere of our log cabin village – an experience to remember!

Let’s face it: Sleeping in a concrete- or stone-built building is nothing special. But once you’ve enjoyed the rustic wood-beam atmosphere of our log cabin village, you’ll be dreaming of it for months to come. This level of comfort is hard to beat. The natural wood surroundings will soon help you relax after the day’s excitement. By the way: Our cabins are not only unbelievably cosy and comfortable – they’re also available at a great price. So if you’re looking for something special and wood like to give our cabins a try, get in touch and book your overnight stay with us.

Log cabin amenities

*** Superior amenities

Fireplace, mini bar, flat-screen TV, Wi-Fi, coffee machine, two 2-bed rooms, two sofas, baby beds available free of charge

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