Your new adventure world.

What many people know as the Snow Dome is now offering a huge range of attractions.

BERG & TAL ADVENTURE RESORT is the new leisure attraction in Bispingen, just off the A7 – and therefore easy to reach if you’re holidaying on the Heath, coming from Hamburg, Hanover or Bremen, or simply looking for adventure. Around the legendary Snow Dome, Europe’s most modern all-year winter sports arena, we’ve created a new world of experiences with something for everyone.

The idea behind it: As exciting as it is being able to ski, snowboard or sled with us all year round, our guests are also hungry for other attractions. Over the years we’ve always tried out new things for you, and due to the enthusiastic response we’ve decided to pack all that and much more into a gigantic overall experience. Indoors and out, action and discovery, for large and small, young and old and 365 days a year across a huge area.

BERG & TAL ADVENTURE RESORT of course includes the Snow Dome, as well as the largest model railway world on the planet, a themed automobile museum, a huge outdoor adventure world and an adventure golf park for everyone. Not to mention a quaint 3-star superior log cabin village and a 4-star hotel for overnight stays, as well as a wide range of themed cuisine from Hofbräu to Pizzeria.

We, the creators in the background, are a young, dynamic group of experienced leisure and food professionals who are committed to transforming your free time into unforgettable adventures and experiences.

And as a bonus, our impressive complex is also an El Dorado for business activities of all kinds. More about that on the relevant pages of our website.

Climate-friendly – climate-neutral.

Here in the middle of nature, we’re committed to sustainability and environmental awareness.

We at BERG & TAL ADVENTURE RESORT have a great sense of responsibility for mountain, valley and people. When it comes to the environment, we don’t take any chances. Our huge winter sports’ arena, for example, is run in a very climate-neutral manner. The whole facility runs solely on renewable energy: wind and water power.

Since 2014 the Snow Dome has benefited from the most modern recovery system of any winter sports arena. All the cold air for cooling the arena is drawn from the snow. That means we use 30% less electricity than before. We also prioritise sustainability in all areas of our business – from food preparation to recycling of raw materials; from environmentally friendly paints and varnishes to our choice of business partners.

Our convenient location right by one of the main traffic arteries, the A7, helps keep CO2 footprints to a minimum during your journey to us and back home.

Your journey to adventure.

BERG & TAL ADVENTURE RESORT is very conveniently situated, just off the A7 and at the centre of the triangle formed by Hamburg, Hanover and Bremen.

Simply enter the following address in your satnav:

Horstfeldweg 9, 29646 Bispingen – and off you go!

From Hamburg…

…you can reach us via the A7 in about 35 minutes. Take the Bispingen exit, right after the Brunautal services.

From Hanover…

…it’s just about 45 minutes to us. Follow signs towards Hamburg/Bremen. From the motorway junction Hannover-Nord, take the A7 to the Bispingen exit.

From Bremen…

…it’ll take you a bit longer. It’s about 100km via the A27, but well worth it. At the Walsroder Dreieck exit, take the A7 towards Hamburg and continue to the Bispingen exit.


Hamburg: 58 km / approx. 45 min.
Hannover: 94 km / approx. 1h.
Bremen: 120 km / approx. 1h 15 min.


Town centre

Lüneburg: 42 km / 45 min.
Celle: 64 km / 55 min.



2 km / 2 min.


Soltau: 20 km / approx. 20 min.
Schneverdingen: 18 km / 18 min.

Trade fairs

Hamburg: 60 km / 45 min.
Hannover: 113 km / 1h 30 min.



Horstfeldweg 9, 29646 Bispingen

Simply enter “Abenteuer-Resort” in Google Maps and you’ll be here before you know it!

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