Snow for sale.

Blankets of white wherever you need them – we sell top-quality snow at an attractive cubic-metre price – and we’re happy to deliver it for you.

There are so many great things you can do with our snow. Let your imagination run wild! Some people want a snow bar as an attraction for their summer party; others need tons of the white stuff for their ski jump (if the weather’s refusing to play along again), or as a fun focal point for an event. Whatever your requirements, we can deliver.
There’s a discount for larger quantities, and it’s always nice to treat yourself for a special occasion. Important: If you need larger quantities, please let us know in advance so we can produce enough.
Also: Our snow is top quality, is not suitable for eating and is available only in full cubic metres. Cold, crisp, cheerful. Just give it a try and find out what you can do with all that glorious whiteness. A snowy surprise is bound to be the centre of attention at any event.

Step 1

You place your order!

Step 2

We produce your snow!

Step 3

We load it on to a lorry and deliver it!

Step 4

You enjoy!

Great snow at a great price.

We take it right where you want it, right when you want it.

These prices for snow exclude statutory value-added tax.

Jump-start your jump.

Acute lack of snow? Winter sports event in danger of falling flat? Panic? Stop!

We’ll save your event! Ski jumping or a cross-country event in the city – we have an extremely high snow-production capacity and are the number-one solution when the weather’s not on your side. Important: The more you need, the sooner you should ask us about it, because our snow doesn’t just fall from the sky. It’s produced in top quality exclusively for your event and creates an excellent surface for gliding and sliding. Ideal for:

  • World cup races
  • Ski jumping
  • Cross-country skiing competitions
  • But also for local communities
  • Company events
  • …and whatever you need it for

Snow fun on request!

Did you know...?

Our snow consists only of cold air and tap water and can be ordered in quantities from 3m³.

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