Amazing arena – you’ll love what we’ve got on offer.

Our indoor activity modules.

Germany’s coolest indoor winter sports arena has nearly 50,000 sq. m of endless possibilities for unforgettable team fun. Whether snow Olympics or group-focused igloo-building, group ski or snowboard courses, or crazy chainsaw carving, what you won’t find here is boredom or a standard programme. All our activity modules have been tried and tested in numerous events. Fun for all is guaranteed!

Our tip:

Incentives for insiders

So that your attendees don’t have to bring tons of luggage, or in case you want to surprise them, all prices include rental of warm clothing suitable for snowy conditions (jacket, trousers, boots).
Please note that gloves are mandatory on the slopes.

Snow Olympics – the most important thing is taking part!

Fantastic competition fun in the snow for everyone. In various disciplines you compete against each other – and yet always together as a team. Depending on the size of the group, either in small teams or individually. Huge fun – and naturally with a presentation ceremony.

Here’s how it goes:

At different stations on the glacier, participants are challenged to test their agility, speed, team spirit and brainpower. We offer a range of disciplines, including the following:

  • Biathlon with laser rifle
  • Tandem skiing
  • Obstacle course
  • Zipfel bobsled race
  • Snow-bike course
  • Barrel-stave race
  • Milking competition
    and lots more
Duration at least 1 hour
from 10 people
Zipfel bobsled rally – huge fun for everyone!

You don’t have to be a winter sports pro to enjoy the group-friendly Zipfel bobsled rally in our giant arena. You’ll have a blast tearing down the 300 m toboggan run on the little bobsleds. With an eye on the prize, everyone will stay totally motivated.

On your marks, get set, snow!

With the easy-to-use Zipfel bobsleds we have various disciplines that are manageable for all participants, no matter how sporty (or unsporty) they are. It’ll still be a close fight for the top places, as it’s going to be tricky.

Here’s how it goes:
  • Words of welcome from our guides
  • Division into groups
  • Distribution of rented equipment
  • Introduction to the lift and toboggan park
  • Team competition with supervision by our guides
  • Presentation ceremony
Duration at least 1 hour
from 10 people
Igloo-building – fun with ice!
Building igloos together on the glacier will renew team spirit. Teams cut the icy bricks from huge snow mines using chainsaws. Then, with professional guidance, they put them together to create a cool domed construction.
Cool, creative, collaborative.
The goal of our igloo-building activity is to come together to create something unique. Step by step we go from raw material to a completed construction that radiates a cosy warmth you wouldn’t expect from those icy walls. In the break we head to the restaurant to warm up.

  • Words of welcome and introduction
  • Preparation of ice blocks by the team
  • Igloo building
  • Usability testing of the construction
  • Warm-up in the break with a hearty soup and hot drinks
  • Group photo session in front of the igloos
  • Duration about 4 hours
Ski / snowboard courses – together it’s more fun!
Opportunity: Give your employees or customers the chance to discover the fascination of skiing or snowboarding. Our experienced DSLV-certified instructors make learning fun. And participants will go home proud of their success.
Learning for life
While the beginners are getting started, advanced participants get to enjoy some free skiing and snowboarding time.

  • Words of welcome and introduction from the instructors
  • Straight into the ski or snowboard courses
  • Free skiing/snowboarding in the arena
  • Duration 2 hours

 from 7 people – max. 10 people per course.

Snow adventure – crossing the line as a team!
On this exciting group adventure it’s your task to reach the finish line by crossing glacier crevasses and acid lakes, mastering raging torrents and rapid descents. Your team has to finish together.
An unforgettable experience
In the snow you’ll find various challenges to overcome with your group and with the help of our guides.
The modules:
  • Acid lake
  • Raging torrent
  • Spider’s web
  • Magic carpet
  • Zipfel bobsled race
Duration 1 hour
from 10 people
Chainsaw carving course – art at its loudest!
How about something a bit different? In this 3-hour course your team will learn how to use noisy chainsaws (naturally with ear protection) to create real works of art out of 50 cm high blocks of spruce. Sculptures, figures – it’s all possible with a little bit of finesse.
Full power to beat the boredom
Our instructors will teach you how to work carefully with a chainsaw. You’ll get valuable tips on how to use the saw properly and create works of art. Huge fun for everyone

  • Words of welcome and introduction
  • Preparation of the raw material
  • Fascinating saw work under supervision
  • Joint viewing of the results
  • Includes material, protective clothing, snacks and drinks
  • Finished result as a gift for those at home
    and lots more
from 3 hours
from 8 people – max. 12 people

There’s life outside to be lived – come and join in!

Our outdoor activity modules.

The outdoor adventure world at BERG & TAL ADVENTURE RESORT is just as big as the indoor area – and it’s all available to you for exciting team-building activities. Our outdoor adventure park with beach volleyball and street basketball courts is particularly well-suited. Teams can dig, dribble and dunk in a team competition. And of course you can combine different disciplines.

Beach volleyball – you’re really going to dig this!

In our outdoor adventure park we have not just one, but two beach volleyball courts waiting to be used for cool, chilled team tournaments. Warm sand under your feet and the sun on your face – what could be more fun than getting together for a spot of volleyball?

Team tournament

With groups that are big enough – at least 10 – we create teams that compete against each other to become the champions. Teams play against each other, but above all with each other. It’s all about winning together, relaxing and experiencing the joy of sport.

  • Two courts to keep things moving
  • Top-quality fine sand
  • Team sports are a bonding opportunity
  • Relaxed atmosphere with outdoor beer garden
  • Loungers and seating for that club feeling
  • Optional: presentation ceremony with trophy and certificates
    and much more
Street basketball – dribble, pass and into the net!
If you prefer the ball to go through the net rather than over it, you’ll love our street basketball court. Your employees or customers face each other in small teams, competing to become company champion and enjoying the joint sporting activity.
No referee; lots of compromise
SStreet basketball comes from the USA and you can play 1-against-1, 3-against-3 or 5-against-5. There are no official rules and it’s a great way of training social competence, conflict management and tolerance within the group.

  • Exciting game as an alternative to classic basketball
  • Straightforward street style
  • Promotes social competence
  • Requires willingness for tolerance and working together
  • Inspires renewed team spirit
    and much more

Short break, big fun.

There’s also lots to do in between.

A team event at BERG & TAL ADVENTURE RESORT is always quite an experience. Whether you’re looking to combine a meeting with some activities or are planning a team-building adventure – we’ll make sure that everyone enjoys themselves. Even between the larger events on the programme, there are lots of ways to keep the fun going with table football or table tennis.

Table football

Get a kick out of a short break!

Whether one-against-one or team-against-team, table football is easy to play and always draws a crowd. This is a great addition to the beach volleyball or street basketball modules, for those who are waiting for their turn.

Table tennis/h2>

Smashing fun!

Everyone knows how to play table tennis, so the fast-paced table-top game is sure to be a hit. There are lots of ways to play – singles, doubles or even round-the-table. And a tournament is always a great challenge.

There are many ways to get to Berg & Tal Adventure Resort

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Hamburg: 58 km / approx. 45 min.
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Bremen: 120 km / approx. 1h 15 min.


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Celle: 64 km / 55 min.



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Soltau: 20 km / approx. 20 min.
Schneverdingen: 18 km / 18 min.

Trade fairs

Hamburg: 60 km / 45 min.
Hannover: 113 km / 1h 30 min.



Horstfeldweg 9
29646 Bispingen

Simply enter “Abenteuer-Resort” in Google Maps and you’ll be here before you know it!

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