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Right on track for a world record.

Experience the largest model world of all time: 12,000 m², 20 km of track, 50 theme worlds.

The whistle’s blowing for a new chapter in the history of a fascinating model railway. Come and enjoy our lovingly created model world At Berg & Tal Adventure Resort, where our dream-makers have created a 12,000 square metre paradise for all model fans. So jump aboard and dive into a whole array of different theme worlds.
Our 1:22.5 scale trains are a joy to behold as they navigate our network of tracks. A great experience for anyone who finds ‘mini’ just a little bit too small.

Season opening postponed!

Unfortunately we have to inform you that we have to postpone the opening of our model building worlds again. Due to problems with the delivery of materials, we cannot carry out the construction work that cannot be postponed within the framework of official requirements, so that we are forced to postpone the start of the season again. We are very sad and hope that we can be there for you soon.
We will keep you up to date.

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*) applicable to those with a disability card. Accompanying persons with a “B” on their ID card will also be charged the reduced entrance fee!
**) more information about season tickets

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Season start 8th of July!

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