Golfing with a twist.

Our adventure course is definitely not for bores!

Coming soon!

It’s sure to be a big hit!

Our course designers give their all to create a great experience.

If you just want to enjoy a game of golf without having to walk your feet off tramping from one distant hole to the next, you’ll love this: BERG & TAL ADVENTURE RESORT will soon be soaring to new heights as a golf paradise for the adventurous. All ball experts large and small are warmly invited to attend the grand opening. With 2,500 square metres of lovingly crafted details, our modern adventure golf course is a gem that will delight the discerning miniature-golf fan.  And it’s a step closer to taking a swing on a real golf course. You start practising your drive, and we’ll be busy putting dimples in all the golf balls. See you soon!

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